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Nick Scharlow


Nick's Story

How does someone begin a story about how they completely messed up their life, and then turned it all around? 

I try to not talk about the path where alcohol took me; but I enjoy talking about my decision to stop drinking and where that decision has ultimately taken me. 

My story is no different than anyone else—the lies. The way I hurt people. The relationships ruined. The places I’ve been, or all the different treatment centers I have visited. Each of these made me into who I am today.  

I am a grateful alcoholic in recovery.

The reason I say “grateful” is because if it wasn’t for alcohol, I would not have been exposed to--and fought through--the challenges that made me into the person I am today. I see things in a different light. 

The tools gathered along my recovery journey were waiting for me for when I was ready to use them. Recovery must come naturally and sincerely; nothing can make you stop but YOU. 


Stephen Thiele


Stephen's Story

Stephen is a State Certified Peer Recovery Coach. He is a person with Lived Experience with Substance Use Disorder. He has worked or volunteered in the West Michigan Area for the last 5 years. He holds a business degree in Business Marketing and Management from Muskegon Community College. He is also a CCAR Certified Trainer for Recovery Coaches. 


Stephen believes in Multiple Pathways to Recovery. We all need to work together to support people struggling with Substance Use Disorder. Stephen entered into Recovery in July, 2017, following an intense addiction to opioids, cocaine, and meth. Stephen brings a non-judgemental approach to helping people navigate through their process. He is deeply compassionate and wants to meet people "where they are at" in their journey. Stephen brings a unique skill set to assisting people through the recovery process. 


We are here to help in any way we can. 

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